Friday, 18 December 2009

Three religions: If I had my druthers...

Bible scholar James F McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix alerts us to the 'Three Religions' meme:
The rules of the meme are to list three religions, apart from your own, that you find fascinating and why.
I'd probably find it easier to list the religions I can't stand. But as per the question, here are the three religions I would try out if I had my druthers:

1. Sikhism.
Sikhism just seems to me to be a very sensible religion with some very sensible ethical principles. For example, I like that a Sikh temple (a gurdwara) is always ready to receive visitors (of any faith) and feed them.

2. Hinduism
. Its worship is a colourful, vibrant experience. You get to make lots of noise and eat lots of fruit and nuts. Its temples and deities are stunningly beautiful works of art. Frankly, Hinduism is fun.

3. Buddhism. Since it's the one major world religion that doesn't require belief in a deity, in the traditional sense, perhaps this is the one for me. I think learning the disciplines of Buddhist life, eg meditation, could be quite fruitful.

I'm aware my reasons don't appear particularly deep. They may even come across as offensive, especially the suggestion that I should try Hinduism because it's fun to make noise, look at pictures and eat stuff. I think there's something much more profound lurking beneath those statements, but I'd probably need to sit down and talk it all through for it to emerge.


  1. I was once 2 hours away from becoming a Buddhist, I met with some guys regular in Liverpool city center every morning on my way to work and then when I got to work I was met by a CofE curate. I was always astounded by their genuine manner and was drawn in by the amount of peace that they looked like they had.

    I was invited to two events and as the Christian event was closer that's how I chose. I do often wonder what my story would have looked like if I chose the Buddhists, sometimes I wish I had however I don't think detracts from my relationship with God. I do ask the question tho, regardless of who I chose would I be serving the same God? after all there can only be one I doubt there is room for two Gods in any heaven.

    If I could choose I would choose Buddhism first followed by Amish and the third I will keep to myself.

  2. The third is Elim, isn't it?

  3. I would say fuckoff but that would be rude of me! :)